User Interface
Intelligent visual design connects the beauty with the experience. We craft a common visual language and hierarchy that enhances how users engage with your digital products.

Focusing on the design of your website or digital product isn’t just a nice-to-have. It’s an essential part of how you engage and deliver value for your customers and continue to lead in your industry.

Ignoring UI would be like going on a first date without
making any effort, still expecting to get that second date.

What is the process of UX design?


Understand the variables
(Brand & Audience)

A good UI designer will start by understanding the brand values, aesthetics and tone of voice, and will interrogate how this aligns with the motivations and style choices of the target audience.


Concept & Moodboard

The next step is to define a set of approaches to the design of the UI that are on-brand. We typically design three routes that all interpret the brand differently to provide clients with on-brand options for them to choose from.


Refining the approach

Working alongside our clients, Thin Martian designers refine the UI design across key pages, modules and various device/ screen sizes. Once we have a style set we move onto building the design system.


Design systems

We develop a design system of reusable assets and rules that can be applied to all user interface elements.


Application & finishing flourishes

The devil is often found in the details, so once the design system is completed our team of designers and creatives look to ensure all the final details are defined. From micro-animations to lazy loading elements and parallax layers to 2.5D interactions that will thrill your users.

How much does UX Design cost?

Cost depends on your project size and complexity. Get in touch for a friendly
conversation and our dedicated UX team will help scope your project.
Starting from £3000
excl VAT