Branding with Illustration Style

Illustrations are at the center of visual representation of concepts, experiences and are a source of guidance in times of required support. This communication tool can help a brand to establish their image and improve interfaces of websites and user experience. This case study analyzes the illustration creation process of that established the brand’s personality in the market.

Creation Process of Illustration Style for Flinks’ Partner Products

The Situation
They say ‘two heads are better than one’ but sometimes it can create unexpected problems. The product teams creating illustrations that suited personal needs impacted brand perception due to difference in styles. Consistency of illustration styles was necessary for the smooth and satisfactory user experience, improving the quality of overall design.
1. Defining the Scope
Don’t know where to start your illustration process? Defining the scope of the project can help you in making illustrations and designs. Products at Flinks can be categorized in two groups; financial API and customizable UX front-end module that connect and utilize the users’ financial data in an easy to understand manner. The key was to figure out how the attention of Flinks users can be attracted and their experience navigating the websites be improved. Before the final version of the illustration was decided, the team played around with different styles to test them out.
2. Audit
Developing an illustration style is when the real fun begins. There is an abundance of options to choose from and it can cause a bit of confusion. Illustration is a subjective area so finding middle ground where everyone is onboard is the goal. The designer team established certain guiding principles and criteria that led the creative process.
3. Guiding Principles
Three guiding principles were highlighted that align with the brand value and the guidelines set by the partners. It provided the base to start exploring ideas and styles. These principles required that design should be:


Facilitate communication and support partners to grow their businesses as a friendly and professional advisor
Consistent and Scalable
An illustration that is simple and can be used effectively across all platforms


The effort to ensure that everyone can understand and relate to the illustrations no matter their cultural background