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GoLance is an online workforce platform that connects employers with freelancers based all over the globe. Although it is a sort of e-commerce app, it includes a strong feature of communication between freelancer and clients. One of the essential accents brought out by designer is to puts a deep focus on design and culture at the core of everything they do. User interface redesign of the web app, accomplished by designer Izabela, according to the client’s vision of the product needed to have the fun and entertaining feel and look. Bearing it in mind and setting the task to make the application trendy, clear and easy-to-use, the designer created the new image for Golance which presented new visual concept and featured new functional points the freelance and clients wanted to add to user experience. Their mission is to, “Make life better for all online workers with a flexible, fair, efficient, and transparent virtual workplace.”
GoLance_-_Official_Logo Copy 2

In the process of research and analysis of existing general concept of layout and transitions, concentration on UI solution which put bright accents at the most important features and provided fast and easy microinteractions.

UI design points that must be thought out were the following:
  • easily understandable layout and navigation
  • recognizable icons
  • graphic elements not creating unnecessary distraction from the main points
  • the process of inputting the data about the item as simple and user- friendly as possible
  • interface elements showing data about the item not looking overloaded but containing all the necessary information
  • efficient communication available from any point of the application
  • funny and entertaining graphic elements all harmoniously supporting the same style concept and preferably original to create additional recognizability for the website.
So, Saily App project became a great and bright challenge for studio designers to make a trendy, funny and attractive but highly efficient and informative application with user interface aimed at wide and diverse target audience and having strong element of socialization.